VK-1401 Perfect 10 Table Top

The Perfect 10 table tops are similar to their full-size sisters, the P10 and P20 displays. The table tops are constructed with engineered aluminum extrusion and tension fabric graphics. The frames assemble without tools using attached knobs. The Perfect 10 table top components are individually numbered and ship in a durable roto-molded case with die-cut foam packaging.

Choose from 7 frame colors, like red, blue, green, black, white, or silver, at no extra charge. Want more information? Give us call or send us an email.

Features and Benefits:

  • Curved Aluminum Frame
  • Vibrant Tension Fabric Graphics (washable)
  • 9 Sintra and Plex Color Choices (depending on kit)
  • 7 Powder-coat Frame Colors
  • Simple No Tools Assembly
  • Individually Numbered Components
  • Reusable Die-cut Foam Packaging
  • Roto-molded Case(s) with Wheels
  • Select Optional Table Throw
  • Made in the USA

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  • VK-1401 Perfect 10 Trade Show Exhibit
  • Perfect 10 Table Top Hybrid Display
  • See VK-1400 and VK-1402 for Alternative Versions
  • Sintra or Acrylic Infills (Choice of Select Colors)
  • Engineered Aluminum Structure
  • Large Format Tension Fabric Graphics
  • Assembles with Attached Quick Release Knobs
  • Seven Powder Coat Frame Colors
  • (2) 5 Watt LED Lights
  • (1) ZB-221 Aluminum Literature Holder
  • (1) LT-550 Portable Roto-molded Case with Wheels
  • Includes Tension Fabric Graphics Only
  • Weight: Approximately 80-90 lbs per case
  • Patents D599,121 and 7,676,971
  • Made in the USAPortable Assembly: Attached Knobs
  • Select Optional Table Throw
  • Documentation for VK-1401 | Perfect 10

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. There are a variety of table top designs with prices ranging from several hundred dollars to several thousand. What are the differences?

Table Top Systems

    • Quadro Pop Ups: Traditional pop up table tops with an expanding metal frame and channel bars. Excellent for any company showing a large graphic(s) on a lightweight, easy-to-assemble display.
    • Classic Presentation: Lightweight 3-panel briefcase table tops with a durable plastic frame, carrying handle, and Velcro compatible fabric. The table top of choice for recruiters, colleges, non-profits, and anyone needing a table top that’s ready to go in 5 seconds or less.
    • Sacagawea: Aluminum extrusion and tension fabric table tops with accessories such as standoff graphics, headers, and shelves. Perfect for just about any situation.
    • Aero Freestanding: Powder-coated aluminum push-button tubes in contemporary shapes with tension fabric and first surface graphics. Hi-tech and pharmaceutical companies love these upscale shapes.
    • Perfect 10: Curved aluminum extrusion table tops with tension fabric. Attached knob assembly. Large, easy-to-assemble, and dramatic.
    • FT (Intro): Two-sided folding fabric panel table tops in varying widths and heights. These are perfect for anyone with an extensive trade show schedule where you expect the table top will take a beating.
    • SEGUE: Engineered aluminum extrusion with Silicone Edge Fabric Graphics (SEG). With SEG, you see more graphic and less metal. Tool-less assembly.
  1. Are graphics included with the table top displays?

It depends on the table top system.

    • Aero, Sacagawea, Perfect 10, and SEGUE Table Tops include all graphics shown.
    • The Quadro Pop Up table tops have a two options — with and without graphics.
    • Graphics are not included in the base price of the Intro and the Classic Presentation systems, but there’s a price shown with graphics.
  1. Will all the table top displays fit on a 6 ft and 8 ft table?

With the exception of a few Intro Table Top designs, which are built exclusively for 8 ft. tables, all the tabletops will fit both 6 ft and 8 ft tables. Most, however, fit better on an 8 ft. table, which allows for addtional space for literature and promotional products.

See the Table Throw Gallery for a wide selection of printed and unprinted throws.

  1. What is the difference between a “full size” and “economy size” table throw?

A full-size table throw covers all four sides of the table, where an economy size throw will cover 3 sides leaving the back of the table open.


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