FT-05 Intro Fabric Table Top


For nearly two decades, Intro Table Top Displays have been the perfect choice for a flawless, re-configurable portable display. Known for its strength, exceptional alignment, and customizable panels, the “two-sided” Intro Fabric Display performs beautifully in the most demanding trade show schedule.

Choose from over 20 Velcro-compatible colors, including a different color on each side. All Intro Table Tops have adjustable feet and most pack in roto-molded cases with wheels. Select from 3, 4, or 5 panel folding designs, many with headers. Made in the USA.

Features and Benefits:

  • Backwall Graphics are Direct Prints on Sintra, Max. 23" W
  • Non-current colors are limited to existing stock in inventory. If selecting a Non-current fabric color, enter color selection in notes on checkout. Prelude Fabrics are Flat - Non Ribbed material.
  • Dims: 27" W x 13" D x 43" H (external) Dims: 24" W x 8" D x 38" H (internal) Weight: 19 lbs. (empty)
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  • Portable FT-05 Intro Fabric Table Top Displays
  • The World’s Most Durable Table Top Display
  • FT-05 Two-Sided Folding Fabric Exhibit
  • (1) Three Panel Display
  • Panel Size: 23.5″ x 45″
  • (1) Framed Header — 10″ x 36″
  • Adjustable Feet
  • Over 20 Fabric Color Choices
  • Lifetime Warranty on Workmanship
  • (1) Large Nylon Carry Bag with Shoulder Strap (or upgrade to hard shell case)
  • Base Price Excludes Graphics (Backwall Graphics are Direct Prints on Sintra, Max. 23″ W)
  • Optional: (2) iPad Graphic Cutouts (Velcro-attached iPads)
  • Excludes iPad Tablets
  • Weight: Approximately 30 lbs Per Bag
  • Production Time 5 days after Proof Approval
  • Select Optional Table Throw
  • Made in the USAPortable Assembly: Attached Folding Panels (no tools)

    Documentation for FT-05 | Table Top

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. There are a variety of table top designs with prices ranging from several hundred dollars to several thousand. What are the differences?

      Table Top Systems

      • Quadro Pop Ups: Traditional pop up table tops with an expanding metal frame and channel bars. Excellent for any company showing a large graphic(s) on a lightweight, easy-to-assemble display.
      • Classic Presentation: Lightweight 3-panel briefcase table tops with a durable plastic frame, carrying handle, and Velcro compatible fabric. The table top of choice for recruiters, colleges, non-profits, and anyone needing a table top that’s ready to go in 5 seconds or less.
      • Sacagawea: Aluminum extrusion and tension fabric table tops with accessories such as standoff graphics, headers, and shelves. Perfect for just about any situation.
      • Aero Freestanding: Powder-coated aluminum push-button tubes in contemporary shapes with tension fabric and first surface graphics. Hi-tech and pharmaceutical companies love these upscale shapes.
      • Perfect 10: Curved aluminum extrusion table tops with tension fabric. Attached knob assembly. Large, easy-to-assemble, and dramatic.
      • FT (Intro): Two-sided folding fabric panel table tops in varying widths and heights. These are perfect for anyone with an extensive trade show schedule where you expect the table top will take a beating.
      • SEGUE: Engineered aluminum extrusion with Silicone Edge Fabric Graphics (SEG). With SEG, you see more graphic and less metal. Tool-less assembly.
    2. Are graphics included with the table top displays?

      It depends on the table top system.

      • Aero, Sacagawea, Perfect 10, and SEGUE Table Tops include all graphics shown.
      • The Quadro Pop Up table tops have a two options — with and without graphics.
      • Graphics are not included in the base price of the Intro and the Classic Presentation systems, but there’s a price shown with graphics.
    3. Will all the table top displays fit on a 6 ft and 8 ft table?

      With the exception of a few Intro Table Top designs, which are built exclusively for 8 ft. tables, all the tabletops will fit both 6 ft and 8 ft tables. Most, however, fit better on an 8 ft. table, which allows for addtional space for literature and promotional products.

      See the Table Throw Gallery for a wide selection of printed and unprinted throws.

    4. What is the difference between a “full size” and “economy size” table throw?

      A full-size table throw covers all four sides of the table, where an economy size throw will cover 3 sides leaving the back of the table open.


    Product Warranty

    Classic Exhibits Inc. warranties the performance of its portable, modular, and custom hybrid systems during normal use, excluding excessive wear and tear, as per the instructions. This covers the workmanship and locking systems as long as the exhibit has a useful life. All remaining parts are covered against defective materials or workmanship as long as the exhibit is in service. The warranty is transferable should the product be sold or assigned to another party.

    The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for damages due to abuse, misuse, or shipping damages. This warranty does not cover laminate cracks and chips, wood crate and roto-molded case damage (excluding workmanship), aluminum extrusion scuffs, mars, and scratches from normal use, and graphics wear and tear or misuse. The manufacturer is not responsible for lost or missing parts once the owner has assembled, accepted, and used the product.

    Should there be any questions regarding the warranty, please contact your local Classic Exhibits Distributor.

    Lead Time

    The lead time for the FT-05 | Table Top is 5 Days.

    • Production lead times are based on business days and DO NOT include any shipping days.
    • Production-ready artwork (when applicable) must accompany the order confirmation. Delays in uploading artwork may lead to expedited charges or shipping changes.
    • No order will be released to Production without a signed order confirmation.
    • Shipping is based on the availability of materials and graphics. Additional charges may apply if materials or graphics must be expedited.
    • Shorter lead times may be available based on schedule openings in Customer Service and Production. Rush charges may apply.
    • Standard lead times do not apply to orders of multiple quantities.
    • Please check for product availability on ALL RENTAL exhibits.

    Exhibit Weight

    Exhibit Weight varies depending on the packaging and the shipping method. Variables include but are not limited to:

    • Dimensional Weight vs. Actual Weight: Dimensional weight is defined as crate or case size. On most air shipments, the dimensional weight exceeds the actual weight
    • Portable Cases vs. Wood Crates or Molded Tubs (where applicable):Exhibit designs that require one wood crate would require multiple portable cases. Selecting one vs. the other affects the total weight (dimensional or actual).
    • Freight Carrier: LTL carriers (Less than Truckload) quote freight based on space used. UPS, FedEx, and air freight carriers quote freight based on either the dimensional or the actual weight of the shipment.
    • Freight Service Level (number of days): Service levels range from Same Day Delivery to Two Week Delivery.

    For more information about exhibit weights and freight options, please contact your local exhibit representative.

    Electrical/Cord Management

    Electrical, Cord, and Wire Management varies depending on the display and each exhibitor’s requirements. When ordering your trade show display, consider the following electrical/wire management issues and discuss your options with an exhibit professional:

    • Inline vs. Island Displays
    • Lead Retrieval Devices
    • Computer and Monitor Cables
    • Demo Equipment
    • Overhead Lighting
    • Grommets and Grommet Placement in Counters
    • Overhead vs. Floor Power Supply
    • Flooring and Electrical Wiring
    • Options for Hiding Cords and Cables
    • Flat vs. Round Electrical Cords
    • Multi-Plug Outlets and Extension Cords

    By reviewing your wiring options BEFORE you order your display, you’ll saveTIME and MONEY and ensure your exhibit exceeds your expectations and your installation is trouble-free.



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Weight 45 lbs

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