All Fabric 6′ EO-01 Quadro EO Pop Up Display


The Quadro EO “self-locking” table top is a lightweight, inexpensive pop up display. The self-locking frame and interlocking channel bars make the EO a snap to set-up, typically in less than 5 minutes. The pop up packs in a portable roto-molded case that can be converted to an attractive counter.

Choose either graphic mural panels or Velcro-compatible fabric, with over 20 color choices. The frame carries a lifetime warranty from one of the largest exhibit builders in North America. Give us call or send us an email.

Features and Benefits:

  • Self-locking, Lightweight Pop Up Frame
  • Affordable 8 ft, 10 ft., and Table Top Kits
  • Lifetime Frame Warranty
  • Case-to-Counter Conversion
  • Fabric or Graphic Panels
  • Over 20 Fabric Color Choices
  • Durable Inter-locking Channel Bars
  • Roto-molded Cases with Wheels
  • Select Optional Table Throw
  • Many Quick Ship Kits


  • Graphic Unit EO-01A Select Fabric Color for End Caps | Fabric Unit EO-01 Select Fabric Color. Prelude Fabrics are Flat - Non Ribbed material. Non-current colors are limited to existing stock in inventory. If selecting a Non-current fabric color, enter color selection in notes on checkout.
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  • Quadro EO Pop Up Display 
  • Lightweight Self-Locking Pop-up System
  • EO-01  Quadro EO All Fabric Unit with Over 25 Standard Color Options
  • Over 20 Fabric Color Choices
  • 6′ Curved Table Top with (2) Fabric Front Panels and (2) Fabric End Panels
  • EO-01 A Graphic Unit 2 Mural Panels
  • 6′ Curved Table Top with (2) Graphic Front Panels and (2) Fabric End Panels
  • 2 x 2 Self-Locking Frame
  • (5) Inter-locking Table Top Channel Bars with Magnets (EO-501)
  • (1) 150 Watt Halogen Light (EO-708)
  • (1) Roto-molded Quadro Rectangle Case with Wheels (EO-842)
  • Lifetime Frame Warranty
  • Imported Frame and Channel Bars
  • Select Optional Table Throw
  • Panels and Case Assembled in the USAPortable Assembly: Expanding Frame and Channel Bars (no tools)

Documentation for EO-01A & EO-01 Quadro EO| Pop Up

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. There are a variety of table top designs with prices ranging from several hundred dollars to several thousand. What are the differences?

Table Top Systems

    • Quadro Pop Ups: Traditional pop up table tops with an expanding metal frame and channel bars. Excellent for any company showing a large graphic(s) on a lightweight, easy-to-assemble display.
    • Classic Presentation: Lightweight 3-panel briefcase table tops with a durable plastic frame, carrying handle, and Velcro compatible fabric. The table top of choice for recruiters, colleges, non-profits, and anyone needing a table top that’s ready to go in 5 seconds or less.
    • Sacagawea: Aluminum extrusion and tension fabric table tops with accessories such as standoff graphics, headers, and shelves. Perfect for just about any situation.
    • Aero Freestanding: Powder-coated aluminum push-button tubes in contemporary shapes with tension fabric and first surface graphics. Hi-tech and pharmaceutical companies love these upscale shapes.
    • Perfect 10: Curved aluminum extrusion table tops with tension fabric. Attached knob assembly. Large, easy-to-assemble, and dramatic.
    • FT (Intro): Two-sided folding fabric panel table tops in varying widths and heights. These are perfect for anyone with an extensive trade show schedule where you expect the table top will take a beating.
    • SEGUE: Engineered aluminum extrusion with Silicone Edge Fabric Graphics (SEG). With SEG, you see more graphic and less metal. Tool-less assembly.
  1. Are graphics included with the table top displays?

It depends on the table top system.

    • Aero, Sacagawea, Perfect 10, and SEGUE Table Tops include all graphics shown.
    • The Quadro Pop Up table tops have a two options — with and without graphics.
    • Graphics are not included in the base price of the Intro and the Classic Presentation systems, but there’s a price shown with graphics.
  1. Will all the table top displays fit on a 6 ft and 8 ft table?

With the exception of a few Intro Table Top designs, which are built exclusively for 8 ft. tables, all the tabletops will fit both 6 ft and 8 ft tables. Most, however, fit better on an 8 ft. table, which allows for addtional space for literature and promotional products.

See the Table Throw Gallery for a wide selection of printed and unprinted throws.

  1. What is the difference between a “full size” and “economy size” table throw?

A full-size table throw covers all four sides of the table, where an economy size throw will cover 3 sides leaving the back of the table open.


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